• 180 blank pages
  • Light blue chevron and mustard-colored flowers with maroon stitching. Unique threaded design on covers
  • lays flat to write
  • open stitched-binding
  • Handcrafted by Kari Clifton 2016

Blue Chevron Journal

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    • Handcrafted by Kari Clifton 2016
      • Covers are made of bookboard covered in scrapbook paper which is then covered in a sealant to give a durable, water resistant cover.
      • The binding is hand-sewn and is exposed. This allows for the journal to lay flat when it's open. This journal has additional thread along the covers to add to the design.
      • I'm the only one of my kind! Each of these journals is truly unique and make for great gifts as they are one-of-a-kind. Don't you love the fact that no one else in the world has this journal??
      • This blue cheveron and mustard flower covered journal was a lot of fun to make. I put a different thread design on the front and back covers. The covers are near inverses of each other while the interior covers correspond with the deep red of the thread color.